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Before you take up LIC agency, first let us take you through the LIC as a company.


Financial Strength

LIC’s biggest strength lies in its Sovereign Guarantee, which in simple terms means that all Investments in LIC including Sum Assured and declared bonuses are guaranteed for payment in cash by the Govt. of India. Today LIC has more than 30 crore policy holders with Life Fund of more than Rs. 20 lac crore. Every second LIC settles a claim with a record performance of more than 99% claim settlement record which is why LIC has been awarded the No.1 Service Brand of India in the field of Insurance.

Saying that let’s talk about why you should take up LIC agency.


Attractive Remuneration

One of the biggest perks of having an Insurance Agency is that you can set your own Targets and you can decide on the amount of Remuneration you want to earn. LIC insurance agency offers one the best remuneration systems in the form of commission.  The commission structure takes care of your current earnings and also guarantees earnings for the future with multi fold increments. Yes, this is over and above your present income. All you have to do is ensure that the policyholder pays the premium. Moreover you ensure one type of royalty income in the form of hereditary commission income.

Rewarding Career

In today’s world everyone is looking for additional source of income and/or starting their own business. LIC Agency is the only profession, which offers you an opportunity to become an Entrepreneur with minimum investment and guaranteed returns and without leaving your present profession. One of the highest paid professions in the world you get to choose your own working hours and work as per your potential. Your smart working can create an income, which may be even beyond your own imagination, as they say in LIC that 'Sky is the Limit'.

Rewards & Recognition

If you count the numerous perks and recognition, awards that you can get by being an Insurance agent with LIC, it is far more than any company. LIC offers various other benefits to its Agents like - Hereditary Commission, Gratuity, Medical Insurance, Free Group Insurance, Free Telephone, Free Stationery, Computer Advance, Mobile & Laptop Advance, Car/ Scooter Advance, Housing Advance, Club Membership. LIC also distributes various awards to its agents based on their performances. Not only this, you can also be awarded with International Recognition by way of MDRT.


Full Range of Products & Services

With LIC you can be assured of a big bouquet of Financial products which keep on getting revised and added to. You can be assured that with the various combination plans and unique riders in place, you will never be short of products to offer to your clients and help them meet all their financial goals. Lic is well aware of the competition in market and In order to give you a greater competitive edge, it keeps on launching new and innovative combinations for the benefit of the end customer.


Why Join our Team?

By joining our team, you will be a working as a part of the country's finest Team of life insurance Agents. Success is our middle name and we have a record of creating highest number of M.D.R.T.'s (Million Dollar Round Table Agents, a global forum that salutes the world's most successful Insurance Agents). Our training programme focuses on your over all development and not just help you gain skills which are necessary for a good Insurance agent. We provide you with all the necessary tools & technology that enables you to build your business right from scratch. One cannot grow without people who believe in him by his side and which is why we continue to support you and ensure your growth by making joint calls , analysing and helping you create effective marketing strategies. With our guidance several candidates have become successful agents with their income surpassing over Rs. 25 lakhs


Are you still in doubt whether you are making the right decision by taking up LIC agency and making a career out of it?

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